How many ingredients does a good song need? Half a dozen chords? Drums? Bass? String-Arrangements? Or even an Orchestra? To tell the truth: None of that.
It needs a foundation of heartfelt emotion that touches the listener. Of course, to know how to develop a mesmerizing singing melody over a chord progression surely doesn´t hurt, either.
The young Copenhagen based Anna Scharling intuitively knows how the interplay of the above ingredients needs to be to make it work.

Anna Scharling released her first and only EP in November 2015 followed by her debut album in March 2017. Both records made in close collaboration with the swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren (C.V. Jørgensen, Randi Laubæk, …) and the vocal producer Michael Møller (The Mountains). Her debut album “Sleeping at the Gates” is released through her own label 2ndToNumb in Denmark and in Germany Divine Records.